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Products For Your New Pet Bird

Products For Your New Pet Bird

Products For Your New Pet Bird

You  would not consider taking a new baby home from the hospital without first making sure that your home is well-equipped with all of the supplies he needs.  You would want to be certain that everything he may need is prepared and handy before you take him home. 

It is just as important for you to have all of the necessary supplies for your pet bird before you take him out of the pet shop and introduce him to his new home and family.  It is much easier and more convenient for you if you are prepared in advance for his arrival. 

Similar to taking a new baby home, preparing for your new pet bird’s arrival includes having a good supply of everything necessary to meet his nutritional needs, any items which will make his transition to your home more comfortable and easier, supplies for fun, and just-in-case supplies for emergencies.

The best way to go about purchasing products for your new pet bird is to begin with a list.  It is a good idea to not be in too much of a hurry to compile the list and immediately go out to buy the items, as you may later decide that you actually wanted something different. 

The best way to start is by making a list of the basics, add special products which can enhance your bird’s early days in your home even if they are not essential products, and then put a little time into thinking about specific brands or styles whenever this is applicable. 

In addition to making sure that you end up with the correct products, this method of making a list can also help you to save money.  You will be less inclined to splurge on products which are not necessary when you have your written list in hand. You will then be ready to venture out to the mall or the pet store to buy the products. 

Although different breeds of birds have different needs, and the person from whom you purchase your bird should tell you the details before you buy him, there are some basics which every kind of bird needs.  You can start with this basic list, add other items that your dealer recommends, and have the checklist handy when you go to the store.

Products for your bird’s nutrition.       

As you have already read about in an earlier chapter of this book, there are a number of different options from which you can choose your bird’s everyday diet.  An important point to keep in mind is that even if you would like to offer your bird an occasional treat, it is best to not do this too frequently.  Choosing one dietary plan for your bird, and providing it to him regularly, is best for his health.

You can select from mixed seeds, a formulated diet, or seeds alone.  If you decide to give him a seeds-only diet, his nutritional needs also include vitamin supplements.  The packages are clearly labeled, so you will find it easy to purchase exactly what is right for your bird.

If your bird requires grit in his everyday diet, you should purchase a supply of this, also.  There are a number of different types from which you can choose, some of which contain nutritional value of their own.

Products for your bird’s health and safety.    

As you have learned, it does not take much to keep your bird in top-notch condition.  Making good choices of these products will help your new pet to stay healthier, safer, and happier.

When you are selecting a cage for your bird, there are a couple of very important points to keep in mind.  While you probably already know that your bird needs a cage which is large enough to accommodate him throughout his everyday activities, there are two other factors which you cannot afford to forget.  First, the cage you choose should not contain any lead-based paints.  Although some bird cages can be found with cute painted designs, or in bright colors, lead-based paints must be avoided.  Your bird’s natural habit of chewing on anything within his range could lead to disaster if he were to accidentally consume lead-based paint.  A metal cage is much safer for him.

Your bird’s cage should not have bars or spaces where his beak or wings could become caught or tangled.  The closer together the bars of the cage, the safer it is for your pet. 

Your bird will also need dishes or other containers for his food and water.  The style which attaches directly to the bars of the cage are usually much more convenient for you to fill and for him to use than the style which is meant to sit on the floor of the cage.  Those which attach to the bars are also neater, as they are more resistant to spills.

Most bird owners agree that a nice covering for the bird cage is an asset both for the bird and for themselves.  Your pet will find it much easier to sleep when he is not disturbed by light outside his cage.  These covers are also helpful because they remind the bird when it is time for him to sleep. 

Bird cage covers can be as plain or as fancy as you like.  Choosing a bird cage cover that is the right size for the cage makes it more effective.  Regardless of the particular style of bird cage cover you prefer, it is important to not choose one that has tassels, pompons, hanging threads, or any similar features which could pose a threat of choking if the bird chews on it. 

You might also like to consider a bird bath for your bird.  As birds love to flap and play in the water, selecting a bird bath that is large enough to accommodate his desire to play will go a long way in keeping the room and floor neat and dry. 

While birds do love their baths, you should not be tempted to purchase scented shampoos or other bath products that are not specially-made for birds.  If your bird needs special products, your veterinarian can recommend one designed for his particular needs. 

Products to keep your bird’s cage and area clean.     

Living with a bird can be messy and unsanitary only if you allow it to become so.  All it takes to keep your bird’s area clean is the same general cleaning you do on a regular basis, and a bit of spot-cleaning for his cage and the area around it.  The key to having a sanitary environment which is safe for your bird is to exercise caution in the products you choose.

When you are shopping for products to clean your bird’s cage and the surrounding areas in the room, it is essential for you to choose products which are non-toxic.  In addition to making sure that your bird does not accidentally swallow any toxic residue which could be left on his cage and in the room, it is also unsafe for him to breathe the aromas of many of these products.

You can choose between cleaning products that are specially-made for use in pet areas, or the non-toxic “green” products currently available in many home-supply stores.  These products will do the job as well or even better than products with toxic chemicals, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing they pose no danger to your bird. 

The area under and around your bird’s cage can be kept spotlessly clean by basic vacuuming.  While some bird owners prefer to have a special “skirt” underneath the cage to catch seeds and other spills, this is solely a matter of personal preference.  If you quietly and carefully vacuum underneath his cage each day, both you and your bird will appreciate an immaculately-clean floor. 

Products for your bird’s playtime.   

There are so many wonderful playtime products available that you may feel like you are on a spree in a toy store.  You can give your bird plenty of opportunities for fun without putting a strain on your budget.

When you are thinking about toys for your new pet bird, considering the playtime activities you have in mind for him is a great way to start.  If you are thinking of playtime as an activity that you and your new bird can share together, he will surely love a ball that is unbreakable and does not contain lead-based materials. 

His playtime can extend to time he spends inside his cage as well.  Most birds enjoy perching and playing on ladders, making noise with little bells, and safe toys he can chew.  You should select only toys that do not pose a choking hazard to your pet.  Avoiding toys that are too small, or have pieces that can come off, or are breakable, will give your bird endless hours of fun while being safe for him to play with even when he is alone in his cage. 

When you have purchased these basic products for your new pet bird, his new home will be set up and ready for his arrival.  All you will have to do is bring him home and begin enjoying life with your new little friend.

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