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Owning a Pet Bird

Owning a Pet Bird

Owning a Pet Bird

When you provide a comfortable home and a loving owner or family to a new pet bird, you are doing something very wonderful for him.  Not only are you ensuring that all of his basic needs will be met, you are also giving him the stability, care, and love that he truly deserves.  This means that he can look forward to a longer lifespan, as well as a healthier and happier one.

While you are providing all of these good things to your new pet bird, you probably already know that he is returning the favor by providing for you, also.  He is giving you the kind of unconditional love which only a cherished pet can give, along with many hours each day of entertainment and fun.  He is giving you a lovely relationship that you will appreciate in the present and remember for the rest of your life.

Although you may already realize all of this, there are interesting bonuses of owning a bird which you may not have considered.

One bonus of owning a bird is the wide range of benefits it will bring to the children in your family.  No matter what your children’s ages may be, they will all gain a very positive experience from having a pet bird in their home. 

First, children are naturally curious.  If you think about it, there is no better way to peak their interest in learning and appreciating the wonders of a small animal than by having a bird in their everyday life.  Your youngsters can learn everything about pet birds, from their habits and unique personalities to what the bird is capable of doing to the beautiful colors of its feathers.  No science class at school or even a book can give your child the experience of learning about birds firsthand from living with one in their own home.

Second, participating in the daily hands-on care of the new bird is one of the most excellent ways to teach your children about responsibility.  When a child sees how essential it is to take proper care of the bird, and to help look after the bird’s everyday needs, this will help him to understand the meaning of true responsibility in a very positive context.

Third, having a small animal in your home will help your child to understand compassion.  While this can occur with virtually any type of pet, a small bird tends to bring out the child’s most loving, caring nature.  Your bird will help your child to learn to be gentle, caring, and kind.

Fourth, whether you or your child is the “official” owner of the new bird, your youngster will have found a new friend.  The special loving bond that develops between the two will be amazing and heartwarming.  You may find the child who has always been shy around everyone to be especially enhanced by this new relationship, and the child who often seems too boisterous has become calmer and more focused when he is with his new bird. 

Birds are not only for the youngsters in your home.  They hold a special place in the hearts of older people as well. 

If you have an elderly family member whose health is no longer up to par, or who has been suffering from loneliness or depression, or has simply slowed down considerably due to aging, your new pet bird will be a wonderful addition to his or her life.

You may have heard about pets being helpful to elderly people.  In fact, many nursing homes and even some hospitals these days have various pets available to the elderly, either in the residence or on a visiting basis.  This is because they have long recognized the health benefits which pets can provide so easily and so naturally. 

While spending time with a pet boosts the person’s mood and spirits, this interacting and bonding has also been proven to have a positive effect on physical health.  For an elderly person whose life is not as full as it used to be, bringing a new pet bird into his or her life can cause a very positive transformation.  The little bird may well be seen as a little miracle.

The magical healing effect of a pet bird can also extend to members of your family when they are ill.  While a pet cannot literally cure a disease, the presence of a beloved pet can indeed have a positive effect. 

For example, if your spouse or one of your children has to stay home with a cold or some other minor illness, or is recovering from an injury, the way your pet bird will boost his mood will actually help strengthen him and aid in his recovery. 

There is just something about the presence of a sweet, chirping bird which naturally makes a person feel better.  Whether you are ill, or have simply had a long and difficult day at work, all you need to do is spend some quiet time with your new bird and be amazed at the difference it makes.

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