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Making Your New Pet Bird a Member of Your Family!

Making Your New Pet Bird a Member of Your Family!

Making Your New Pet Bird a Member of Your Family!

One of the nicest aspects of owning any pet is that in the best of circumstances he soon becomes like a member of your own family.  No matter what your family’s composition may be, there are some ways to make this transition easier and quicker for both your pet and your family alike.  In no time at all, you will all wonder how you ever managed without him!

A great start in making your new pet bird a member of your family is to prepare your entire family for his arrival.  Whether you have youngsters or teenagers at home, or elderly family members, letting each person participate in welcoming your new little friend can be an exciting experience for everyone. 

Your children and teens will love to learn all about the new addition.  You can begin to spark their interest by helping them to learn all of the fascinating facts about birds.  Everything from looking through pictures in books and magazines to visiting all of the different kinds of birds at the zoo can peak their interest in this wonderful species. 

Depending upon the ages and personalities of your children, you can further their anticipation about your new pet bird by including them in your plans.  When they know that their help is valued, they will look forward to your bird even more.  Perhaps your child can offer his opinion on the perfect name for your bird, or help you to select special toys for him at the pet shop. 

Even the youngest children will be thrilled to participate in caring for your new bird.  Whether you assign a simple task to a small child, such as checking every day to be sure the bird has a fresh supply of water, or have an older child who would like hands-on play with your bird, there is a dual-benefit to this.  First, your youngster will quickly learn to love your pet even more when he is able to take an active role in his care.  Second, you will be teaching him good habits for responsible pet care that will stay with him throughout his life. 

Elderly persons are often especially fond of birds.  Not only are birds beautiful, melodious, and fun, but they are delightful company.  You may be surprised at how quickly Grandma or Grandpa falls in love with your new arrival.  There is simply some kind of magic in these lovely little pets that brightens the mood of nearly every elderly person.  Even the senior citizen who does not take well to overly-active or noisy pets will surely love your new bird.

Making your new pet bird a member of your family means making your family feel at ease with him, and him feeling at home.  No matter what the size of your home may be, both your new pet and your family will benefit if you allot a specific space just for him. 

Although it is usually not best to keep a bird in a room by himself, as he thrives on interaction with his owners, it is important to make sure there is plenty of room for his cage and plenty of allowances made for bird seed which will spill underneath his cage.  When you keep these points in mind, it will go a long way toward ensuring your bird’s comfort, as well as your family being comfortable with him. 

Making your bird comfortable in his new surroundings only takes a little basic effort on your part.  It is a good idea to check the area where you plan to keep his cage before you bring him home.  If the room is free from drafts, cold air, and strong heat, he will not only be much more comfortable, but also healthier.  If it is possible to keep the room at a relatively consistent temperature, this is better for both his health and his mood. 

A room which is free from unnecessary noise is a good choice for your new pet bird.  Sudden noises can startle him, and may even cause him to become nervous and ill-tempered.  As your bird needs restful sleep as much as you do, making sure that the room is reasonably quiet for his sleep time will also lead to good health and a pleasant disposition. In addition to all of these factors, encouraging everyone in your family to spend time with your bird will increase their love of your new pet and your bird’s love for them.  While you may not have thought of this in terms of bonding, you will when you see the results.  Everyone in your home will grow attached to your bird, and appreciate him as a unique member of your family.  Your bird, in turn, will very quickly see that he belongs to you!

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