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Fun Facts and Trivia About Pet Birds

Fun Facts and Trivia About Pet Birds

Fun Facts and Trivia About Pet Birds

If you are like most new bird owners, you find everything about this special little being to be quite fascinating.  Whether you have owned a bird at some time in the past, or whether this is your very first bird, it probably seems as if you simply cannot get enough of this subject. 

In addition to your own newfound interest in birds, children and the other members of your family are likely as entranced with the subject as you are.  Sharing some fun facts and trivia about pet birds can enrich everyone’s knowledge about birds while making owning your own bird even more fun.

One fun bit of trivia about pet birds is that at least eight American presidents had pet birds while they were in office.  Although most of us have heard about various presidents and their dogs and cats, less has been said about presidents and their fondness for birds. 

In the olden days, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, Theodore Roosevelt, James Madison, William McKinley, and Franklin Pierce, all loved the company of their birds when they were presidents of the United States.  In a more recent era, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were the nation’s bird-loving presidents. 

The pet birds owned by United States presidents ranged from parrots and macaws to canaries, lovebirds, and parakeets.  While these birds may not have received as much publicity as presidential dogs and cats, they were surely beloved by their owners and their families. 

Enjoying birds as pets dates long before the United States presidents, however,  Although the precise period of time in which birds started to become members of human households is not known, it is presumed that choosing birds as pets dates as far back as the time of the ancient Egyptians. 

The ancient Greeks also loved pet birds.  Parakeets were the pet bird-of-choice during this era.

History books often forget one important note about Christopher Columbus.  During his journey to the Americas, he also discovered a breed of Amazon parrots, and took two of these birds with him on his trip back to Spain to give to Queen Isabella.

In past eras, pet birds were only available to royalty and people who were very wealthy.  Like many things which we today take for granted as readily available to anyone who desires them, average people could not have pet birds.  This shows how lucky we are today when nearly anyone who wants a pet bird can easily purchase and keep one. 

While some people prefer to have only one bird, and some people like numerous cages of bird in their homes, there are quite a few different kinds of birds to choose from.  Although it is a matter of personal preference, along with the possible factor of space limitations, some breeds of pet bird have long ranked very high in popularity.

It should not come as a surprise that the parakeet holds the rank of number-one in popularity amongst Americans.  These birds, which some refer to as Budgies, are reminiscent of carefree childhoods and fun-filled homes.  One reason for the parakeet’s popularity is its small, compact size.  It is suitable for any home, even a space-limited apartment.

Parakeets are available in a number of different colors, which is often to the delight of little children.  They are as colorful as they are playful and fun.

The lovely cockatiel is second-ranking as a pet.  Many bird owners prefer cockatiels because they can be taught to talk, and often have the ability to mimic.  Cockatiels are beautiful, delightful birds whose life expectancy can reach twenty years. 

Everyone loves canaries.  Bird-lovers, especially, find them to be the ideal pet.  Canaries, while generally not being as social as other breeds of bird, are vibrantly-beautiful song birds.  Their size, which is tiny in comparison to most breeds of bird, makes the canary the perfect bird for even the smallest apartment. 

Most people do not know that lovebirds are a form of parrot.  Unlike the more well-known types of parrots, lovebirds tend to be quieter, not nearly as aggressive, and much smaller.  Lovebirds are a truly beautiful, good-natured bird, making it an asset to any family’s home.

If you are thinking about a super-intelligent bird with a huge vocabulary and an enchanting personality to match, you are thinking about the African Grey parrot.  The African Grey has such a high degree of intelligence and the desire for interaction that you may even forget that he is a bird rather than a person.  These features account for the African Grey parrot’s widespread popularity in America.  With a lifespan of up to seventy years, the African Grey parrot is a bird you can have with you for the rest of your life.  

From ancient civilizations to royalty to average citizens today, pet birds have been well-loved by all.  When you greet your new pet bird in your home, you will quickly begin to know why!

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