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There is not much that will be more concerning to a Pet Owner than who will be taking care of their pet when they go away.
Our pets are part of our family and we must trust who will be caring for them when we are gone. As such we strive to work with those who do a great job of taking good care of the little ones while their owners are away. 
If you feel you are one of those people that offer pet sitting services or dog walking services, please take a moment to fill out our form below, and let us help you get started. We would love to have you as one of our quality trusted service providers and send you some of our customers in your area who are looking for someone just like you.

What's in it for you?

As a Trusted Pet Provider, you will join our growing network of recommended Pet Providers and receive top access to our services.

  • Become one of the Pet Providers our Trusted Pet Advisors recommend for services to pet owners in your area.
  • Connect with pet owners directly to answer their questions and provide them expert advice.
  • Join our Affiliate program and receive commission on every sale you help make.


All pet sitters must be.. 

      • Trusting Pet Certified
      • Customer Certified (minimum 3 customers)
      • Honest & Trustworthy
      • Able to guarantee their product or service in writing
      • An existing business with at least a year of experience
      • Mostly positively reviewed online
      • Able to pass a background check
      • Certified and insured through a pet sitter association, such as NAPPS or PSI
      • Certified in pet first aid, such as through the Red Cross

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