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Pet products?

Our Pet Products Include just about anything you could think of relating to pets.

Everything from the best Pet Foods, to Specialized foods for pets with health conditions, to play pens and collars for your puppy. All of our vendors who offer these products are cleared through our TPC system (Trusting Pet Certification) and monitored by us and by our customers and their ratings.

Pet breeders?

Being able to find someone you can trust to work with in the breeding world has been a challenge for a long time.

Trusting Pet hopes to make this a much easier and more trustworthy process. Our breeders are some of the best you will find anywhere. All of our breeders are Certified and checked through our TPC (Trusting Pet Certification) system. They also, all come recommended by at least 3 of our Trusting Pet Customers. We hope you will find the process of finding your next precious pet through Trusting Pet to be the best you have ever experienced.

Pet services?

Our Pet Services include many of the services that you will need from time to time.

They include things like Pet Sitters, and Groomers. Even Veterinarians who can many times help right over the phone. All of these services are owned and operated by folks who we have been approved through our TPC system, and you, our customers.