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Lilac-crowned Amazon

The Lilac-crowned Amazon is a charming parrot known for its vibrant green body and distinctive lilac-blue head and neck. Originating from Mexico’s Pacific slope, this bird captivates pet owners with its high intelligence and friendly demeanor.


A balanced diet of high-quality pellets, supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and some seeds and nuts.


Requires a large cage with plenty of room to play and exercise. Provide perches and toys for mental stimulation.


They are generally calm, intelligent, and friendly birds.


Can live up to 50-60 years with proper care.

Size and Appearance​

Around 33 cm (13 inches) in length. Notable for their green plumage with lilac-blue on their head and neck and red at the bend of the wing.

Training and Enrichment​

They are intelligent and can learn tricks and commands. Provide toys and puzzles for mental stimulation.

Social Needs​

Highly social birds that need a good amount of interaction and companionship.


Not as vocal as other Amazons but can still be quite loud, especially when bored or seeking attention.

Common Health Issues​

Prone to obesity, feather plucking, and vitamin A deficiencies.

Handling and Interactions​

They enjoy interacting with their human caretakers and need regular handling.

Breeding and Reproduction​

Breeding is generally successful in captivity but can be challenging.

Legal Considerations​

Not typically subject to restrictions but verify with local and international laws.
Lilac-crowned Amazons require an owner who can provide them with a nutritious diet, spacious housing, and plenty of interaction. They can live for many decades, making them a long-term commitment. With adequate care and mental stimulation, they can become truly engaging companions.